Instant Lyrics.

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Available on Google Play. Coming soon to iOS.
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Karaoke Mode

Whether you're a professional musician or you just like to sing in the shower, QuickLyric's got your back.

Offline Mode

Don't have a data connection? Easily save the lyrics for your whole library and access them offline .

Lyrics have always been late.

On mobile, the moment you start listening to a song and decide you'd like to read the lyrics is, on average, 30 seconds away from the moment you'll actually get to the lyrics.

Switching apps, typing the name of the song, searching, loading... QuickLyric rapidly goes through all these steps in less than a second and instantly gets you the lyrics for the song that's playing.

This is and it's high time for the lyrics experience on mobile to evolve.

Open source.

QuickLyric is 100% transparent with its users. It doesn't spy on you and you are welcome to translate or improve it however you like.

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QuickLyric had been available for 2 months on the Google Play Store between March and May 2015. What did the press think of it?